Have you ever been underpaid for your labor, suffered physical abuse, intimidation or servitude, received threats of calling the police or immigration, or forced to perform services or acts against your will?

Eligibility for T Visa, one or more of the following:

  • Be a survivor of labor trafficking or attempted trafficking
  • Be a survivor of sex trafficking or attempted trafficking
  • Be physically present in the US on account of the trafficking
  • Be at risk of suffering extreme hardship upon removal from the US
  • Has reported or willing to comply with any reasonable request for assistance in the investigation / prosecution of trafficking

Examples of trafficking, including but not limited to:

  • Arriving to US led by trafficker forcing you to perform labor against your will such as:
    • Forced to carry traffickers’ backpacks or other items
    • Forced to clean traffickers’ residence
    • Forced to perform sexual acts
  • Workplace trafficking:
    • Perform labor for an expected payment, but payment is withheld
    • Forced to work overtime with no additional compensation
    • Deportation threats by employer
    • Forced to perform labor without proper training or tools

This option could result in a pathway to residency / green card.


For more information, read through USCIS’s T Visa webpage, click here.