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Benefits of the U.S. Armed Forces

October 14, 2021
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Being a member of the U.S. Armed Forces comes with several benefits for members and their families, such as incentives and hefty salaries.

Today, more and more Latinos, migrants and citizens in the United States are coming together to serve in any branch of the Armed Forces. Even Latinos and migrants represent 16 percent of active members of the Army.

On the other hand, being a member of the Armed Forces means facing challenges and situations that are often difficult for them and their families. So the U.S. government offers them financial and legal assistance, employment, education, and health.

All members of the Armed Forces, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines, get all the benefits for themselves and their families.

8 Benefits of enlisting in the U.S. Armed Forces


Members of the Armed Forces may take courses and college studies while active members of the Army, in addition to earning college credit for training conducted by the Armed Forces. All services, except the Marines and Coast Guard, provide the ability to repay all or most student loans.


All officers can enjoy 30 days of paid vacation each year to be with their families and loved ones.


Once you are in the Armed Forces, it is possible to move up through promotions. The higher the rank, the higher the salary, it is important to remember that each branch of the Armed Forces has its own system. However, the salary is the same for each level.

Health Insurance

The U.S. federal government fully covers all medical expenses for members while on active duty, as well as their family members.

Recreation, Morale and Wellness Activities

The MWR organization creates activities that are provided to the military and their families. Activities can be varied and differ depending on the branch and base to which members belong.

Caption: You need to meet certain requirements to enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces.


Members of the Armed Forces who are migrants or have migrant relatives have the possibility of acquiring citizenship by naturalization. While undocumented family members of the Armed Forces will be able to benefit from the Parole in Place program to obtain the Green Card.

However, undocumented migrants should not under any circumstances enter a military base. Since immigrants are at the disposal of the immigration authorities.

Foreigners can enlist in the Armed Forces only when they are professionals and have legal documentation in the United States, in addition to speaking and writing English fluently.

Signing bonus

The Military offers a bonus of up to $40,000, in addition to other incentives such as extra bonuses, except for the Marines and Air Force that offer fewer incentives and an amount less than the amount mentioned.

Buddy Program

When two people of the same sex enlist together in the Military, they can be together during basic program training, including training together later for the same job.

Where can I get more information about benefits?

For more information on benefits and insurance plans for members and their families, you can check USA Gov. In addition to reading the contract carefully, at the time to enlist in the Armed Forces, because all the benefits you will receive will be those stipulated in that contract.

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