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Eagan Immigration announces its debut in Inc. 5000

August 16, 2022
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Ranked 1416th, this achievement represents years of work as a leading immigration law firm.

McLean, VA. (August 16, 2022) – Eagan immigration announced today that it’s been named for the first time in the Inc. 5000 magazine,  the most prestigious ranking for fast-growing private companies in the United States. For law firms based in the United States, this achievement represents tremendous growth in a few short years, growing through their dedication to helping clients explore immigration options and obtaining immigration benefits for those who qualify.

Since 2014, Eagan Immigration has sought to help as many immigrants in the United States obtain their legal status by looking for innovative solutions for their clients. Eagan’s objective has been to grow exponentially with the mission to empower their clients to improve their lives. To achieve their goal, Eagan has continued to optimize all areas of the company, increase the number of employees, and implement new technology in the workplace.

“When I first started Eagan seven years ago, I started with the simple objective of helping a few immigrants every month,” said Lauren Eagan, CEO and founder of Eagan Immigration. “Now, thanks to our incredible growth and our compassionate and innovative team from all over the world, we help thousands of immigrants every year. Our clients are caring and hardworking people, and I am so thankful that we are able to empower them to achieve their dreams in the United States. I am incredibly proud of this achievement and of my team for making this possible.”

Growing from a single attorney to a workforce of more than 70 collaborators worldwide, Eagan Immigration attributes its growth to the focus on both client and employee experience.

“We are always thinking outside the box and trying to understand what potential necessities our clients and employees have. This is one of the reasons we were able to grow so rapidly,” said Jessica Jefferies, Chief of Staff. “We strive to be strategic and offer innovative solutions to our client, as well as the best employee experience and benefits, because we know that our success depends on their success and our growth depends on their growth.”

Many of Eagan’s own attorneys have either gone through the immigration process themselves or had an immediate family member go through it, giving them a unique perspective on navigating the immigration system. Eagan Immigration now plans to continue to fully realize its mission of empowering immigrants to achieve through its values of compassion, innovation, communication, and commitment. The recognition of the Inc. 5000 list allows the company to continue growing and offering more services to its clients as they continue to build their lives in the United States.

About Eagan Immigration

Eagan Immigration is a U.S.-based women-led law firm that is dedicated to empowering immigrants to achieve their objectives. As a completely remote company, they specialize in humanitarian immigration cases and are making plans to expand into employment-based immigration. Founded in 2014, the firm has grown from one attorney to a workforce of more than 70 employees and counting. They depend on a team of professionals who fight for the right of immigrants even in complicated cases, pushing themselves to say yes even when other attorneys say no. To obtain more information, visit www.eaganimmigration.com

Source: Eagan Immigration, 2022


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