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Latinas In the Beauty Industry

December 13, 2021
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The Latino community is related to 18.5% of the income obtained by the beauty and personal care industry in the United States

The Latino community is gaining space in the beauty and personal care industry, where in recent times, it has managed to surpass non-Hispanic consumers in spending in that sector.

Latinos are on both sides of the beauty and personal care industry, even though they are not a target market for some companies, their purchases have surpassed those made by non-Hispanic women.

And on the other hand, Latinas who have founded their own beauty companies have had to face several challenges and obstacles to achieve a space in the industry and attract investors.

Latinos behind 18% of revenue in the industry

According to the report, behind the industry they are also pushing Latinos as creative directors, who have managed to position themselves in the market. Brands such as Fenty Beauty by the singer Rihanna, born in Barbados, have diversified their products to reach the largest possible market, with their wide range of shades in makeup.

Despite these efforts, specialists emphasize that there is still much to be done to meet the needs and demands of the Latino community in terms of shades in the various cosmetics that exist in the market.

Makeup for brown skin

Since MAC launched tones for brown skin, which was a resounding success in the market, it continues to be one of the best-selling collections, specialists highlight.

And in more recent figures, released by Nielsen, it highlights that in 2020, Latinas were the ones who drove purchases of nail care products and the acquisition of makeup, despite the fact that the industry registered a drop in its income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The market measurement firm said that the Latino population was the only one that managed to push the market in a difficult year for the economy not only of the beauty industry, but of most of the productive sectors.

So according to Nielsen, Latinas spent about 13% more than any other population group on personal care products.


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