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Preferred countries to emigrate

September 30, 2021
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Social, economic and political problems lead young people from Latin American countries to emigrate to destinations that allow them to have job opportunities and a better quality of life.

The most developed countries have become the recipients of expatriates from Latin America, an example of this is the United States, the North American giant remains the main destination for Latin American migrants, thanks to its growing economy and popularity that has gained for years to be called the “American dream”.

The 10 favorite destinations for Latin American youth to emigrate

10. Spain

There is a wave of Latin American immigration in Spain. It is estimated that 43% of foreigners in general regime come from Latin America, mainly from Ecuador (13%), Colombia (8%), Bolivia (6%), Peru (5%), Dominican Republic (2%), Argentina (2%), Paraguay (1.5%) and Brazil (1%).

9. France

This European country has everything you need to live comfortably, good weather, pristine countryside, world-class culture, excellent medical care, colorful traditions and history and, of course, the brightness and sophistication of Paris, are some of the many factors that influence to take it into account to immigrate.

8. Canada

While America struggles with political turmoil and racial divisions, Canada appears to be the responsible big brother and true melting pot. It is a country with multicultural cities such as Toronto and world-renowned universities, almost a third of the country’s students arriving from abroad. It is estimated that 50% of Latin Americans living in Canada arrived in the country in the last 10 years. Latinos in Canada according to the last census is 458,000.

7. Germany

One of the greatest powers in the world is part of the list of preferred destinations to emigrate; the country has the lowest levels of unemployment in the European Union. With a selection of big cities, such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, as well as beautiful scenery and fairytale castles, Germany has a strong appeal for immigrants.

6. Italy

The Italian cities where Latinos have decided to continue their lives after leaving their country of origin are: Milan, Rome, Genoa and Turin.
Native Spanish speakers in Italy constitute an important community of emigrants from Spanish-speaking countries, totaling about 600,000 people, mainly from Peru (256,208 Peruvians) and Ecuador (150,300,000).

5. Singapore

The young country has become a global business hub over the past two decades, with a thriving economy and a free market that will offer a bright future. Singapore is a place open to the world and a large number of citizens are not required to enter a visa. All Latin American citizens are provided with one month’s stay.

3. New Zealand

In the last decade, New Zealand’s Latin American population has more than tripled, from 6,654 in 2006 to 25,731 people in 2018. There are notable differences in the age composition of the MELAA population compared to the total population of New Zealand

2. Australia

Not only does this country have a high standard of education and living, but also good job prospects. Australia offers a simple set of regulations for permanent residence to applicants. On average per year, Australia receives around 8,000 Latinos a year, who seek to improve their quality of life and have new opportunities.

1. United States

The United States Census Bureau indicates that there are currently 31.7 million Hispanics in its territory, 11.7% of the total population, of which almost twenty million are of Mexican origin.


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