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Real Stories of People Who Received Their Papers Through the T Visa

September 30, 2022
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The T Visa is a type of immigration humanitarian relieve that allows those who survived trafficking, as well as their families, to stay in and work temporarily in the United States. The T Visa also creates a path to permanent residency.

Next, we present two stories of real situations* that our clients lived through. Because of these situations, they have been able to gain immigration benefits. These stories can give you an idea of the types of circumstances that allow you to apply for a T Visa.


Smuggling Turned into Trafficking

Roberto wanted to come to the United States and hired a coyote in Mexico to take him across the border. The coyote planned the trip so that Roberto could travel with a group of five other people. As they got ready to leave, the coyote forced Roberto to carry a heavy backpack. Roberto did not want to carry it because he feared what was in the backpack, but the coyote and the other men that were helping him to cross carried weapons and threated to hurt anyone who disobeyed the rules and leave them in the desert. The group walked through the desert while Roberto carried the backpack. When they arrived in the United States, Roberto was taken to a house that had about 30 other people. The coyotes took his clothes and belongings and forced him to stay there in his undergarments. The coyotes made him call his family member to demand more money for the coyotes. Roberto was in this house for three months before being freed. While he was in the house, he had to cook and clean the bathrooms for everyone in the house, including the coyotes.


Commercial Sex Trafficking

Diana was threatened by a gang member in Honduras, and she needed to escape to the United States for her security. She and her family did not have the money to pay for her trip, but a family friend, Luis, offered to help her. He paid for and arranged Diana’s trip to the United States. When she arrived in the U.S., the went with Luis and he assured her that she was safe. He bought her some clothes and food, and then took her to a hotel where he said that they would stay the night. Luis told Diana to take a shower. When she got out of the shower, Luis forced her to have sex with him. He said that she owed him for bringing her to the United States. Luis threatened to hurt Diana’s family if she didn’t comply to his demands. He also threatened to kill her family if she told anyone what happened. The next day, Luis put Diana on a bus to New York, where her aunt lived. Diana tried to forget about what happened to her, but it was a struggle to keep the secret to herself. She knew that if she told her family what happened or if she tried to report what happened, Luis would kill her family. Luis frequently visited her family in Honduras and was still charging them for the amount that he paid to bring Diana to the U.S. Diana never told anyone what happened to her until she met with her immigration attorney 14 years later.

*Keep in mind that these are real stories of clients that have successfully obtained a T Visa through Eagan Immigration. Remember that all cases are different and if you have a similar situation, Eagan Immigration does not guarantee that your case will be approved. Also consider that our clients’ identities and other information is confidential and has been changed for their privacy and security.


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